Criminal trespass is a type of property crime that occurs when:

  • An individual intentionally enters another person’s property without authorization for an unlawful purpose. This includes all forms of property, including a home, apartment, piece of land, motor vehicle, railroad car, aircraft, watercraft, etc.

New Jersey Criminal Trespassing

If you have knowingly entered onto another person’s property without consent or authorization, or if you have entered onto another person’s property and intentionally defaced, destroyed, or demolished any part of the property, you will be charged with criminal trespassing. In New Jersey, criminal trespass is an offense that may result in a penalties ranging from 30 days in jail to up to 18 months in prison.  Additionally you will face fines, restitution to the victim, community service, and other punishment.  These penalties may be enhanced if you caused significant damage to the property, or if you have committed additional crimes on the property.

Criminal Trespassing Defense Attorney in Bergen|Hudson|Passaic|Essex County

If you have been charged with criminal trespassing, do not despair. There are many good defenses available to fight your charges. NJ criminal lawyer Rafael Gomez has been practicing criminal law for many years, and knows effective ways to defend you in court. He can question whether or not the property was open to the public, argue if there were no fences or warning signs in place, and explain to the judge that you exited the property promptly after being asked to leave. Mr. Gomez can also address whether or not you actually caused any substantial damage to the property on the premises.

If you are facing charges for criminal trespassing, you need to consult with an attorney right away.  NJ criminal trespassing attorney Rafael Gomez has the experience and skill to protect your rights during the legal process and help you fight your charges. Mr. Gomez will prepare a strong defense case before heading to court by thoroughly investigating the scene of the crime, interviewing credible witnesses, and collecting convincing evidence. In court, he is not afraid to stand up to the prosecution and challenge the accusations made against you. Mr. Gomez' main priority is providing you with the aggressive defense and personal attention you need to overcome your charges.

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